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Water Damage and Flooding Restoration in San Rafael

There is really only one way to handle the devastation of water damage San Rafael: you need to get professional help. There’s a lot more to flooding than one might initially imagine, but when wet carpet and warped drywall are the alternatives to complete home restoration, it’s important to accept the expertise of professionals like 911 Remediation San Francisco. Our team at 911 Remediation San Francisco is highly trained professionals with years of experience to lend to your situation. Proud to be an IICRC member and considered true experts in our field, we provide services including non-emergency and emergency service for flooding and San Rafael water damage situations. We bring commitment to customer satisfaction and industry standards right along with our license to provide these services.

911 Remediation Expertise and Solutions

As you can see, it is our highest intent to draw the distinct line between professional and non-professional results. Our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment makes certain that your satisfaction in the end results is complete. We set out to restore a home to its pre-accident state, to assess the damages completely, and to provide a comprehensive restoration of all property within a home. A flooding or San Rafael water damage situation is not overwhelming to our experienced eyes. Instead, those procedures approved by the best in the industry are implemented, and step-by-step we will eradicate the damaging moisture and restore a healthy living environment. Utilizing high-powered pumps, vacuums, cleaners, and other implements, every task is not only manageable but certain to produce satisfactory results. We are licensed and trained to provide every service from flood restoration to mold remediation, and our prices are guaranteed affordable.

Our services in San Mateo include:

  • water damage drywall
  • Water Damage Removal
  • Water Damage Recovery
  • Flood clean up
  • Water Damage Remediation
  • Sewage Cleanup


Flood Damage Solutions

In the case of flood damage to your home it is important to receive trained advice on restoration. Flood damage requires the water to be entirely extracted, above and beyond that which air-drying can possibly provide. It is essential that treatment begins as soon as possible, which is why 911 Remediation San Francisco is available at all times, night or day. Homeowners should rest assured that their homes can be entirely saved from the devastation of flooding, and all possessions can be saved if the proper measures are taken quickly. Before professionals arrive, make sure that the electricity in the house is turned off and help get pets out of the way.

Water Damage Repair

When flooding has occurred but treatment was impeded for some time, San Rafael water damage is bound to occur. Water damage is especially significant when standing water is allowed to saturate a home. The longer water is in place, the deeper the damage will penetrate. Professionals from 911 Remediation will be able to help you assess the areas of the home damaged to the point where repair is necessary. Our professional technicians will also help you determine those furnishings that cannot be repaired and their value so that you can file for replacement by the insurance company. On occasion, damaged drywall or flooring will need to be cut out, repaired, or replaced. In most occasions, mold and other contaminations will need to be treated before spreading.

Remediation for Sewage

Sewage cleanup is one of the most severely dangerous situations in a house flood. Many floods occur due to a low water table, but when sewage backs up and floods your home, you’re dealing with dangerous bacterial contaminants that need to be entirely eradicated. Allow professionals to treat any sewage floods, as they will have the proper protective gear to prevent the spread of bacteria. 911 Remediation San Francisco is here for you when things get bad. Don’t let water damage worry you with our team on the way!